Centro Veterinario Orso Bruno

The Orso Bruno Veterinary Centre provides medicine, diagnoses and surgery for dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets.

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“Animals help us to re-establish the original contact with the wise reality of nature that has been lost by the civilised man.
” – Konrad Lorenz –

Centro Veterinario Orso Bruno

The arrival of a dog or cat into the family is an important event. We give you some basic guidance for a happy life together.


“Man does not know more than other animals; he knows less. They know what they need to know. We don’t.”

– Fernando Pessoa –

Centro Veterinario Orso Bruno

We provide you with information on the nutritional needs of your four-legged friends and advice on a sound diet.


“Compassion and empathy for the smallest of animals is one of the noblest virtues that a man can receive as gift”
– Charles Darwin

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Centro Veterinario Orso Bruno looks after small animals, including dogs, cats and other pets (ferrets, rabbits and more). The Centre aims to treat and prevent diseases affecting these animals, while respecting their behavioural characteristics and welfare.

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