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Orso Bruno Veterinary Centre – Davesco-Soragno

Prevention, care and animal welfare

Our Veterinary Centre combines a love for animals and a passion for veterinary medicine. At the heart of our mission is the welfare of both the pet owner and their four-legged friends. In your time of need, we’re here to welcome and support you.

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Orso Bruno Veterinary Centre – Vet. Sur. Giusi Occhipinti

Vet. Sur. Giusi Bonifazi

Veterinary Surgeon

Born in Lugano on 2 January 1980, Giusi Bonifazi has long been passionate about animals, deciding to become a veterinarian as early as six years old.

During her studies, Giusi worked as an assistant in the Obstetrics section of the Veterinary Clinical Department of the University of Bologna, and also completed an internship in its Emergency Department. Giusi graduated from the University of Bologna in Veterinary Medicine in March 2006. She then obtained a Master's Degree in Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare in August 2008.

Giusi has worked in various veterinary clinics in French-speaking Switzerland and Italy, including the Animal Hospital of Ferrara and the San Martino Veterinary Clinic in Como, and has attended various refresher courses and workshops. Her practical experience and ongoing training have allowed her to expand her knowledge in internal medicine, laboratory work, dermatology, radiology and ultrasound, anaesthesia, soft tissue surgery, oncology and dentistry.

Giusi’s interest in animal behaviour led her to take various courses in dog training (FIRG and SIUA), which have enabled her to work as a trainer at the Lugano Dog Society for several years now.

In March 2010, Giusi achieved her ultimate dream and opened the Orso Bruno Veterinary Centre.

She continually takes refresher courses in internal medicine, infectious diseases, diagnostic imaging, surgery, behaviour and feline medicine.

Orso Bruno Veterinary Centre – Andreia Fonte

ASV Andreia Fonte

Veterinary Practice Assistant (AFC)

Andreia Fonte was born in Portugal on 23 July 1993, and has cultivated a passion for animals since she was a child, taking care of cats and dogs, and regularly visiting her grandfather’s farm. At the age of 13, she and her family moved to Bellinzona. After finishing middle school, she began her apprenticeship to become a Veterinary Practice Assistant, working for three years at the “Centro Veterinario alla Ressiga” veterinary practice. Andreia graduated in June 2012,
and continues to build on her knowledge through various training courses. The subjects in which she has specialised so far include animal nutrition, animal behaviour, travel disease prevention, turtles and skin diseases. Andreia joined our team in December 2013.

Orso Bruno Veterinary Centre – Andreia Fonte

Yasmin Stauffer

Dog trainer

Yasmin was born in Sorengo on 23 March 1991. Since she was a child, Yasmin has grown up in close contact with animals. From childhood, horses were her teachers, and early on she recognised the importance of building relationships with animals by respecting their nature as much as possible.
After witnessing the problem of stray animals in Italy first-hand, taking in a young mongrel named Penny from the street, Yasmin started to work as a volunteer. This is when she met Kõri, her now inseparable companion. Her desire to learn brought her to Thinkdog. That day, Yasmin realised how important this work is to her, and how much more still needs to be done for all our four-legged friends to live better lives.
She trained as a level 1 and 2 trainer, and continued her studies as an instructor in behavioural rehabilitation and socialisation classes, showing great passion and dedication.

Yasmin worked for two years as manager of play/educational activities and courses at the Life&Dogs centre in Agno.

Today, Yasmin runs the FreeDog Project, which campaigns for the well-being of our four-legged friends.

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